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The year is 1977 and the wife of a diplomat arrives back in Indonesia after a summer away. Maggie has two young daughters she adores, a successful husband and an exotic home complete with staff, so why does she feel a sense of foreboding? 

Trapped in an unhappy marriage, in a foreign country, Maggie faces a bleak future until a strange accident forces her to take stock. Amid the social whirl of expat Jakarta, she also finds herself dangerously attracted to Doug, an inscrutable geologist from Aberdeen… 

Gripping and insightful, The Puppet Master is a story about forbidden love, violent passions and the inexorable wheels of fate. Is Maggie doomed to fail, or does she have another shot at happiness?  


Inside a seaside theatre, with Hitler's bombs raining down, the actress Maud falls in love for the first time. She dreams however of seeing her names in lights and part of her resists getting embroiled in an affair. But she can't fight her feelings forever.

Forty years later in an English suburb, Margot is on the brink of divorce and depression after losing her sister in a tragic boating accident.


Margot's orphaned niece Ruby is sent to live with her grandfather in Ibiza and develops a morbid fascination with the past. Rattling the family skeletons will unearth a secret that touches all of their lives.

This compelling family saga examines the themes of wasted potential, sibling rivalry and romantic love.

Book no.2
Book no.1
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